Sunday, April 4, 2010

Things we do for fun!

This might be the first blog post I've ever done on time! It's just a short bit on the things we do in between vacations. A couple of weeks ago, Lisa and I were hanging around when I thought we should go bowling, because bowling is fun. So we called up some of our friends and asked if they wanted to go. Because our friends are awesome, they did. We met at the bowling alley, which had a deal on two games and a drink. We got on our awesome bowling shoes and got a lane and went for it. It was a ton of fun, though none of us are particularly good. A few of us broke 100. Still, a game with friends is never bad. Here's Lisa, bowling a split:

In Rouen, the museums are free during the school vacation, so we thought we'd take advantage of that. There's a cool place called the Musée des Antiquités, which has lots of neat old stuff in it. But outside, there was an awesome fountain that I'd never seen before.

They had a courtyard in the museum, with some sculptures and stuff.

They had some cool stained glass windows, which left amazing shadows when the sun came out.

Today, Easter Sunday, we had a pancake and mimosa brunch with some friends. It was a great success, we had all sorts of yummy stuff to eat and drink, including Vermont maple syrup (thanks David & Margaret!) Lots of fun. A couple of pictures:

Hooray for fun!

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  1. Was it really necessary to put up a picture of my butt on your blog?

    ;) Thanks for coming today, guys!